Project Narrative - Nephele          

When Lisa first called to tell me about the atrium space / project space, I was imagining and inspired by European courtyards, particularly in Paris and Barcelona. As an atrium is essentially an indoor courtyard, I was thinking of a courtyard with a glass ceiling and how it would frame a view into a piece of sky.

I was inspired by bold Las Vegas sunsets over Red Rock Canyon (particularly really cloudy ones), and thought of being able to see inside a sunset from any direction. The atrium space intrigued me as the space is accessible on so many levels.

Nephele means "cloudy" in Greek.
Νεφελη (Ancient Greek)
Pronunciation: nef EL lee
(There are several versions of how to pronounce Nephele, this is the one I found most helpful)

I am aware of Nephele in Greek Mythology, and although the artwork wasn't necessarily created or conceived with her story in mind I appreciate her mythos and some of the references and relationships that can potentially be drawn on, particularly with regards to liminality. Nephele is sometimes considered the mother of liminal beings.

If there were to be a subtitle to this artwork it would read something like:
Humanity treads upon the bottom of the sky.

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