Cyd Bown        
  Cyd Bown
MR VR Sculpture Project : click here for PDF

  Cyd Bown : MR VR Sculpture and Installations Project
(June – August 2017 – ongoing)

Yellow Room (yellow room and sensors) (Image 1 & 2)
Yellow Room and Boom (yellow room, sensors, boom, and fan) (Image 3)
MR VR Flight (VR in wind tunnel; flying through one of my yellow sculptures as it is deconstructing in VR) (Image 5 & 6)
Yellow Wall Signs (5 yellow wall signs / placards, remnants of a performance) (Image 4)
Window Painting Sign (yellow painting) (Image 7)
D7YellowRoomD7 (transformation of D7 to Yellow Room & back) (Image 8 & 9)
Flight Machine (boom and fan) (Image These go to 11)

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  About Cyd Bown:
Cyd Bown is a contemporary artist working in sculpture, video/light projections, and installations. She lives and works in the Mojave Desert. She was raised in upstate New York and has lived, worked and studied in North America, Africa, and Europe. In February 2014 one of Cyd's works was dedicated, and is on permanent display in the lobby of the City of Las Vegas DSC building. Cyd is on Pre-Qualified Artist Rosters with various cities, and has been selected as a public art finalist for and has completed indoor and outdoor commissioned works. Within the past few years she's received a Nevada Arts Council Grant, National Endowment for the Arts Grant, and a Puffin Foundation Grant. Her work is in various collections including: MERCK and Co., Inc.; State of Utah Fine Art Collection; City of Las Vegas Permanent Art Collection; and various private collections.
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